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Mongkhol Harbor Sdn. Berhad  Registration No. 1131422–A(MALAYSIA) is sister company that is handling Sales & Purchase and Marketing for Mongkhol Harbour Company Limited (THAILAND). The acquisition of this existing licensed company is to operate the storage (Tank Farm) and distribution of fuel in 2015 by AZ Group of Companies. This acquisition is in 4 Stages ( Phase 1 to Phase 4 ) for the expansion of Tank Farm Storage capacity which will involve capital investment of Usd 82,000,000 ( About 2,665,000,000 Baht ). The Expansion will also create more Job opportunities for Professionals – Skilled and Semi Skilled in Thailand and Malaysia.
The Mongkhol Harbour Company  Limited (THAILAND) has been registered since 1990 in Thailand. The AZ Group of Companies regional HQ is located in Kuala Lumpur (MALAYSIA) with registered companies in many countries in Asia , Middle East , Europe , CIS and Russia.
AZ Group of Companies has been in Petroleum business since 2006 . Our activities also extended  into other parts of the world including South East Asia (Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam) with targeted gross annual revenue of Usd 212,676,923 from the first year 2015 and up by almost 100% by 2016 to Usd 425,000,000 with daily distribution of 2,000,000 Liters per day.
In January 2017 the company has expended its food division business in Malaysia by setting up it affiliated company MTB Asset Limited ( United Kingdom ) and MTB Asset Sdn. Bhd. ( Malaysia ) . The business cover the exporting of Halal Frozen Chicken , Halal Frozen Beef , Wheat Flour , Sunflower Oil and Yellow Polished Split Peas from Ukraine to Middle East , India , China , Malaysia and South East Asia .


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Our Tank Farm Facility and Vessel Wharf ( Jetty )


Our Wharf ( Jetty ) can accommodate Two Vessels( Capacity of 10,000 Mtons ) at any time of Discharge and Wharf license issued by Marine Department of Thailand.
With our present large Oil storage capacity of over 150,000,000 Litters in both Strategic Ideal locations – storage currently being developed in both including the Bonded storage ( Tax Free ), our storage capacity is adequate to meet current market rewuirements and with the imminent deregulation of the oil and gas sector by Thai Ministry of Energy , MKH is well positioned to reap high market share in energy business opportunities that will result from this government policy.
The storage tanks will be used for Diesel Euro 4 M, Diesel D2 , Gasoline 91,95 and Lubrication base oil respectively. The tanks are designed to be interchangeable, allowing great product flexibility. The tanks have been well designed to reducing evaporation and smell. The facility has blending capacity, together with re-export functionality.



Truck loading Island for Diesel Oil, Gasoline, is also available, each with multiple loading arms loading capacity. Truck parking bay allowing for incoming trucks for loading will be located within the complex for safe operational logistics management with enhanced safety management practices. Similarly, all loaded trucks will also be accommodated in truck loading and documentation bay reroute dispatched outlet gates.